Contract Warehousing provides a total distribution and infrastructure solution for your business. You can select all of our services or you can choose the components that add the most value to your operation. 

Contract Warehousing facilitates even the most complex operational requirements for diverse types of businesses.



    CWL Provides a cost effective solution for Warehousing.

    We can reduce the head count from an existing operation or prevent an increase in head count due to opening up a new operation in another city. We provide proven local knowledge in warehousing and logistics, especially if you are commencing a new operation in a different city/country from your current operation. Warehousing and administration costs are known and are scalable to the level of required business.

    CWL prevents the need to tie up capital or need to take loans, sign leases, and manage staff What is Contract Warehousing Ltd.?

    It is a company that has been providing full service warehousing and distribution of products to companies from all over the world since 1978, for sole traders to multinationals. It is a company that provides cost effective solutions to a proven formula of delivery over many years to an ever increasing wide range of clients from throughout the world. It is a company that works hard at delivering a solution that can be tailored to suit the clients and the product requirement.

    It is a company that has a full time, long term experienced permanent workforce that have developed systems and process that deliver results. How does Contract Warehousing Deliver? We have a computer system that provides full inventory control through to client invoicing, statements, receipting, and account services up to GST returns and monthly management accounts if required through their in house charted accountant. We provide management assistance at all levels to help our clients.

    This commences with a written proposal , follows through to working out the best solution to suit the client, allocates a customer services manager to work with you as the client who effectively act like a member of your team delivering the deliverables as may be required.

    Back up by a management team that is available to meet and discuss on going development’s requirements and changes as they occur as would be expected in the dynamics if any business.

    4PL - Fourth-party logistics

    The concept of fourth-party logistics service provider (4PL) was established in the mid-1990s. They are understood as asset-free system integrators who stand between their customers (usually OEMs) and other logistics service providers (often 3PLs) to ensure the coordination and organization of all business processes along the value chain. They oversee the entire supply chain to ensure the optimal use of the available resources. The ability to coordinate complex, cross-company business processes with the help of modern technologies and to supplement its own strengths with additional service providers is one of the key competencies of 4PLs. The particular task of a 4PL provider is, therefore, to take over the control and integration function within the supply chain without its own operating resources and to increase the efficiency of the supply chain. In this respect, a 4PL provider acts as a neutral intermediary between the client and the various service providers, trying (to the client’s advantage) to optimise the various service offers in an overall package.

    Since this coordination must be carried out continuously with the aim of further optimisation, 4PL providers rely on a well-developed IT structure. This is the only way to ensure the integration of different external service providers. Furthermore, a solid industry and practical knowledge are essential, since the respective business specifics must be taken into account.

    Accounting & Banking

    CWL is able to, and currently does so for many clients, provide full invoicing & accounting services prepare & file GST returns. All in the clients own company names, GST number , logos etc It is even possible to go as far as providing monthly management accounts with the services being provided by our in house chartered accountant, Tracey Retter.

    Tracey is a registered chartered accountant who is fully employed at Contract Warehousing Limited. She handles the GST returns and completes monthly balance sheets for various clients. If preferred, it is also possible to put you in touch with an independent Accountancy firm that can take care of your EOY tax requirements and audits.

    They currently handle a few of our clients now and recommend them as they also provide CWL with the same service. Should you be interested in these services then a discussion (at no charge) would need to take place. All services provided being charged on an “as used” basis. We can also help with you banking needs managed daily, weekly or monthly


    Full credit application service on behalf of your clients.Includes reporting back to client

    Food Safety

    We are also licenced to warehouse and distribute food under the National Food Program L1 as a distributor of shelf stable and bulk food.

    Inward handling

    Inward handling includes; receive goods at the warehouse, unloading of vehicle, checking quantity and condition of consignment, unpack stock, verify against packing slip and check for any apparent damage. If damage is found, a report will be made including photos for reference purposes. 

    Furthermore batch numbers will be checked used by dates, stock is put away and entered in stock control system. Finally, a confirmation of the received goods is sent to the client. All inwards stock is aimed to be counted and put away within 24 hours  

    A full computer report is provided immediately on completion of checking and put stock away in locations, at which time stock are immediately available for pick pack & despatch. 

    Import & Customs

    From the ship to the warehouse, includes all liaison and documentation, for local or international origins and destinations.

    Contract Warehousing has been working with a company since 1989 that has been found to be very supportive in custom services. The clients that have chosen to use their services over the years for both import and export are very satisfied about it. The result is an extremely good working relationship in the way that they keep us fully informed of all information required in the execution of our own services. They are now currently handling 40 – 50% of our various clients work now. It is possible to deal direct or through Contract Warehousing Ltd with them. Should you wish to deal direct, which is the preferred option by most of our offshore clients contact details will be provided.

    Invoices, Invoicing, statements and proof of delivery

    Client statements dispatched within the first 2 working day of the new month 

    Receive client statements within three working days of the end of the month. Financial reports dispatched to client, and proof of delivery on demand account management. 

    Our standard report service, if the EDI/API option is not exercised, provides clients with detailed records through Portal access into our WMS program that allows real time stock and movemenreports and information through to order progress and tracking may be required. 

    Should there be any delays in setting up EDI/API links, if that option is chosen, orders/invoices will be emailed through to your account manager. 

    Reports (non-invoicing option) 

    • Inwards Report  Once an inward shipment is receipted in, an acknowledgment of the goods being received is emailed to a nominated person within your organisation. 
    • Order Manifest – At the end of each working day, week or month a report is emailed to the nominated person. This report outlines all orders that have been dispatched along with all relevant tracking information. 
    • Stock Report  At the end of each week, day or month a report of all stock balances within the warehouse are sent to a nominated person. 
    • Product sales- Once a sales history is available then sales by month /by product for a rolling 13-month period can be provided on request. 

    Monthly Reports (available for invoicing option) 

    • Sales Report – Run at month end, this report ranks products from top seller down. Showing overall quantity sold and once history is obtained will provide a rolling 13 month report. 
    • Customer Sales Analysis – Shows the Quantity of Sales to each particular Customer. Only has the capacity to show current month and or year to date. 
    • Monthly Sales Analysis – By Area – Shows the total sales by each area for the Current Month, Year to Date and Last Year to Date 
    • Back/Forward Order Report – This shows orders that have not been able to be filled due to shortages in stock or orders set for a future date 
    • Product Sales Report – This report show sales quantity for the current month and year to date by product. 
    • Stock Re-order Report – This is run at the end of the month and it shows the stock that has fallen below the minimum level set in the system. It also suggests reorder quantities. 
    • Stock Movements Report – Displays movements for each product during a monthly cycle. 
    • Stock Adjustments Summary – Displays the daily and monthly stock that have been adjusted and the reason for the adjustment. 

    Sales analysis and stock reorder recommendations will be provided upon request.  However this option is normally only available after a sales history is established. 

    Local and National Freight

    CWL offers a nationwide delivery service for our clients. Every consignment is sent by the best freight option applicable based on the weight, size, urgency and particular customer requirement. These various options are possible because, we work with several freight companies. Both courier companies and bulk freight 

    The standard service is; North Island deliveries are overnight to the main centre’s and can be two nights to rural areas. South Island delivery is 2 to 3 nights after dispatch. Overnight service to the South Island is possible on the payment of a premium. Auckland deliveries and collections are often made with our delivery truck. Collection from our warehouse, by the couriers, is continual and automatic each day. Where freight is arranged, there will be follow up on any claims associated with transport, on your behalf. Up on all deliveries a standard requirement is a signature unless requested otherwise. 

    Regular meeting and checks, with our couriers, on performance expectations are being held. This is to ensure that standards are being met. CWL follows up on all claims and manage the total relationship. 

    Should the client use their own transport arrangement a fee is charged for completing the consignment note and managing freight details. 

    If provided an email of the purchasing customer we can at time of despatch, email and advise a tracking number. 

    MAF (Ministry for Primary Affairs) Approved

    CWL is licensed as a MPI (Ministry Primary Industries) approved container deconsolidation and storage facility under the Seeds & Stored Products, Transitional Facility category, Class 1. With this requirement our staff is trained and licenced to meet the MPI requirements. This allows us to receive full FCL containers onsite and deconsolidate as required.

    We are also licenced to warehouse and distribute food under the National Food Program L1 as a distributor of shelf stable and bulk food.

    Orders & Processing

    We carry out all inward receipting, picking and checking with scanners where clients have scan codes on products, which is our preference. Where client’s products are not bar coded, we can produce and attached bar codes as required. This ensuring accuracy of product identification which can be challenging as most people that handle a wide variety of stock would understand. 

    When an order is received a picking sheet, including any relevant instructions or information, is made. The picking sheet is sent to the warehouse with all information relating to that order. Here the products are picked, packed, checked and made ready for dispatch. A packing slip/invoice is added and if required, reorder forms or promotional leaflets at no extra cost will be included. Packing materials are supplied at a cost of 15%. Finally the freight requirements are arranged and the consignment notes are completed. 

     Order receipt and processing is possible in two ways: non-invoicing, which is basic service and invoicing, which is enhanced service. Non-invoicing is for clients that are operating their own office and we receive a copy of the invoice as an instruction to pick pack and delivery to the address shown. Our staff deals only directly with your office. 

     Invoicing is for when CWL supplies the phone support to the clients. This includes taking orders, processing orders, supply invoices, statements and answer accounting queries with clients as well as process payments. Furthermore, we answer delivery queries and generally deal with all the day to day questions relating to the stock and its management. Any phone calls that are of a management nature are forward onto those as may be instructed. 

    Our standard service for orders going out is; received before 12pm will be processed, picked, packed and dispatched the same day. Orders received after 12pm if not able to be completed on the same day, are to be completed by 10am the following day at the latest. Priority is being given to deliveries with the greatest distance from the branch of dispatch. Urgent order processing is available on payment of a fee. Exemptions on processing an order the same day could be for example, the arrival of a container or a considerable number of backorders being recieved. 

    We are able to receive orders by, phone, email, EDI, mail or courier.  Our clients currently use all of these methods. 


    Permanent trained staff are employed to carry out all functions. The pickers are separate from the the checkers and packers both functions are performed with scanners as a preference if products are bar coded An accurate, speedy service that includes in-built checking mechanisms and re-labeling and packaging if required

    Product and client sales analysis

    Our in-house designed and written Warehouse Management System (WMS) is designed by Rod Giles and has been written with the 50 years plus knowledge of warehousing, and in particular the 3PL industry. Attention to providing real information that he believes, and experience shows, is meaningful. 13-month stock sales reports so same month comparisons are easily made for example. The range of reports is extensive and available on request.

    This is available via the portal and is real time reports Reorder recommendation reports if minimum and maximum are provided and others reports can be produced on request.

    Reporting and Analysis

    Standard sales reports automated by email: inward good receipt reports, daily sales and current order reports at the end of each day, and stock level reports at the end of each week (or as required)

    Storage & Stock Control

    Storage is calculated on volume of each item stored, per day. Each product line (carton or bag etc.) is measured and the unit of sale weight and dimension recorded, these dimensions are entered into our computer database and used to calculate the charges. If stock requires shelving, the space required housing the product will be used to calculate the daily charge. The result being you , as the client is charged for stock actually held in the warehouse on any day.

    This allowing you to enjoy the benefit seasonal fluctuation of stock and not incur charges for space that is not required during certain times of the year. There is however and agreed minimum storage fee.

    Stock Control

    Stock management service, includes incoming and outgoing updates, warehouse security and insurance as a bailee.

    Telephone sales support

    CWL is able set up a phone line to be answered in your company’s name. With the calls either taken care of for general enquiries or transferred to your staff as may be required. This service suits clients that are on the road and require an immediate support and personal service. This covers a minimal amount of time. Should a full sales support be required then suitable product training would need to be carried out, furthermore the estimated amount of time to be involved in this function and a suit quote is required. This may commence at a low level while first starting and increase as the workload grows. This is up to further discussion and depends on workload and requirement.

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