New Business/Administration

Contract Warehousing minimises the investment you require to get to market, while also placing control on the many unknown facets of business development. We provide a business infrastructure that enables your business to get ahead.

Start-up businesses face unique challenges

  • You may want to perfect your business formula before you make large capital investments.
  • You might also be stretching your resources to the limit as you strive to make maximum impact in your market.
  • Or you could be enjoying growth in small, manageable steps and learning more about business management as you go.

Contract Warehousing minimises the investment you require to get to market, while also placing control on the many unknown facets of business development. We provide a business infrastructure that enables your business to get ahead.

That means reduced risk and increased confidence because our pricing structure is fixed based on the services that you choose. This makes costs more predictable and more manageable.

Our expertise allows both inexperienced and experienced business operators to enjoy the advantages of an excellent support team. Benefit from our experience and understanding of your business requirements.

    Distribution management check-list for new businesses



    • Customs clearance
    • Collection of shipping documents
    • Collection of freight from wharf or airport
    • Delivery to CWL warehouse
    • Co-ordinate international shipping

    Orders and processing

    • Receive order from client or customer, answer queries, take order, note time of order
    • Enter transaction into stock control system
    • Produce warehouse picking sheet

    Invoices, statements and proof of delivery

    • Invoices showing handling and freight charges
    • Client Statements within 3 working days of end of month
    • Financial reports dispatched to client
    • Proof of delivery on demand Account Management


    • Daily, weekly and monthly banking requirements
    • Consultation with client if overdue accounts become an issue
    • GST returns
    • Annual financial requirements


    • Sales reports, daily reports providing full data
    • Inventory weekly (or as required)
    • Re-order recommendation
    • Sales analysis
    • Other reports can be provided as required. All reports are set up to be sent automatically by email as & when required, following discussions.

    Inward handling

    • Unload goods, check against packing slip
    • Check for damage or faults and if required, photograph damage and liaise with insurance company
    • Forward inwards advice notice
    • Notice to client if there are damages/losses


    • Orders picked and checked
    • Pack, weigh, complete freight note to suit size, urgency of consignment
    • Note time of preparation piecework
    • Re-labeling, packaging if required


    • Customer credit applications

    Stock control

    • Enter stock into computerised system
    • Stock placement within warehouse
    • Warehouse product in secure environment
    • Full security monitored warehouse
    • Goods are covered by insurance


    • Collected throughout the day
    • Urgent requirements
    • Panic delivery service
    • Bulk freight
    • Monitoring service levels of freight providers

    John Devery | New Zealand Manager | Amacron Equine Limited

    CWL knows and values the concept that Customers come first. We have been a customer of CWL for some years now and have found their ongoing service to be "absolutely brilliant” in all areas of commercial storage, product handling, and delivery. Their admin staff are always a pleasure to deal with and no task is too hard for them to action promptly. I would totally recommend CWL to any business or organisation seeking a quality nationwide storage and delivery service.

    Winston Penn | Nylex Limited

    Our customers are very particular in terms of supply to specification and on time delivery to meet tight deadlines. Rod and his team worked hard to meet these demands.
    Your company provides our company with a professional, cost effective and totally reliable customer service. This gives us peace of mind and freedom to focus on other aspects of our business.

    John Evans | Demden International Limited

    Your company has handled our Denka CSA concrete additive in bulk for over twenty years. Occasionally we’ve had customers put us on the spot and Rod has gone out of his way to get it out the door - he’ll drive the truck himself or put it in the back of the car and drive it out to the airport, if that’s what it takes to make it happen.

    Lynn Pullan | Idour Imports Limited

    CWL is a company that makes the effort to understand their customers needs and products. As a company we were impressed that before submitting a quote the Managing Director took the time to go to a retail store to look at our product and gain an understanding of who we were as a company. As a result of CWL taking the time to check out our products, to ask questions of us, we have found ourselves being looked after by a company who understood our business before taking us on as customers. The way this company operates has freed our time up to deal with real issues not issues caused by our logistics contractor. Due to the clarity of the reporting we are now able to access our customers are happier and have much more confidence in our ability to respond to their orders. The communication with the staff at CWL is first rate and this allows us to respond promptly to our customers. Issues are few and dealt with immediately, something that enables us to have full confidence in CWL supporting us and helping us to grow our business. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring 3PL services.

    Peter R. McArthur | PR McArthur Limited

    My company has used the services of your company for 16 years to handle the storage and distribution of our Medical and Veterinary Products. During this period, I have been impressed with the massive growth of your company, including the implementation of ever-improving systems borne out by ISO Accreditation

    David Heap | Thompson New House Publishers Limited

    We have been clients of your company for over 10 years and have had nothing but outstanding service in that time. You have always met or exceeded our levels of service

    Ken Day | Xsell International Limited

    As a sole trader your organisation allows me to travel and be absent from my office knowing that customer enquiries and orders will still be dealt with in your usual efficient manner. This service is invaluable as it lets me get on with the other problems and pressures of being in business today.

    David Axton | North Queensland Batteries Pty Limited

    In the past couple of years we have found your organisation faultless in getting the job done professionally, and if anything you guys have become a benchmark in the way we strive to run our own operations, you can be proud of your organisation and the people working for

    Rose Kilgannon | Atlantis Bathroom Style Limited

     Working with Contract Logistics has been one of the best decisionsmade by Atlantis. All of the issuesthat aroseinmanaging our own warehouse and distribution disappeared instantly when we made the move. One of largest advantages of working with Contract Logistics is thecalibre of their staff - nothing is a problem or too hard.We find that all the staff has a genuine determination to provide aconsistently high level of customer service, and their professional manor is second to none. Our goods are of a very high quality and, at times, of a fragile nature - thanks to the warehouse staff's care, our goodsarrive to our customers on time in perfect condition.The only disadvantage is that we didn't make the move to Contact Logistics earlier.

    Jackie Fox

    “I have been using CWL to store, pick and dispatch the orders for my small business for nearly 3 years. Everyone on the team at CWL is diligent, knowledgeable and will always go the extra mile to look after me and my customers. Communication with the team is easy and fast which is especially important for me as I’m in Australia. They are always improving their services. For these reasons I highly recommend CWL to other businesses.”

    Mick Egan | Director Logistics Juice + Company PTY Ltd

    Having been with CWL since 2016, I can say that it has been a trouble-free arrangement. Nothing is too much of an issue and the ability to be in touch via email and have an immediate response is excellent.

    With the addition of a new and improved customer portal, everything is now at our fingertips for reporting including some reports built for our specific needs.

    Thank you CWL!!