Contract Warehousing

Start-up saves thousand on warehousing with Contract Warehousing

She researched this a found a supplier from offshore and contacted Contract Warehousing Ltd to enquire what could be done to assist her with the importation, warehousing and nationwide distribution. As a result she was given the required information and assistance that allowed her to step into a new venture and a world of which she was unfamiliar.

She Invested in product and marketing and concentrated on these areas that offered the best return on her time. Commenced with a small shipment of product that was received well in the marketplace and that permitted her to grow. From this small starting point she has developed considerably with constant daily sales across the nation and greater volumes of product being delivered, without having to be involved in any way in the physical aspects of handling product or having to invest in space to house the product, a stock control system as she is provided with all reporting required, or management of labour to assemble the orders and arrange the freight as required. Meanwhile the business continues to grow while she now looks for additional products to add to her current range.

The ease of the process by working with a company that understand the requirements and has the resources to help her achieve the desired goals was made with Contract Warehousing Ltd.

A simple straight forward solution is provided with minimal demands and expense being placed on the client company.

Company resolves poor performance on warehousing with Contract Warehousing

Contract Warehousing Ltd was approached by a company that was based offshore and that had an agency representing them in New Zealand that was not performing and not responding to meet the principles requirements or concerns. They had made the decision to conclude that relationship but then were face with the immediate issues of warehousing, plant and staff that would be required to implement the commencement of running their own operation. When advised to contact Rod Giles, of Contract Warehousing Ltd as a way forward to meeting their requirement they took that action and visited on the Tuesday and discussed in full detail the situation and their requirements following which they were emailed a full proposal outlining the requirements, solutions and cost as was understood that evening. This was reviewed and questions asked and answered on the Wednesday with the decision being made to employ the services of Contract warehousing to provide fully warehousing and distribution as well as call centre, invoicing and accounting services to commence immediately. Contract Warehousing Ltd arranged for all stock to be collected from the existing agent on the Thursday and Friday during which time they also set up the databases in their computer inventory system along with the customers that were known and started entering the required pricing and discounts. The staff of Contract WarehousingLtd worked throughout the weekend carrying out a full stocktake of product received and putting this into the racking. Come Monday the first order started going out to customers as required.

While it was not easy, there was a considerable amount of work that continued over the following couple of weeks ensuring everything was fully implemented and with the co-operation from both parties and the effort from all concerned the transfer was successful and the client has gone on over the past few years to grow into a substantial successful business with them now only employing 2 commission representatives within NZ delivering the required service.

The ease of the process by working with a company that understand the requirements and has the resources to help achieve the desired goals was made with Contract Warehousing Ltd.

A simple straight forward solution is provided with minimal demands and expense being placed on the client company.
Supporting Information: Customer and Market Focus

"… My company has used the services of this Company for 16 years to handle the storage and distribution of our Medical and Veterinary Products. During this period, I have been impressed with the massive growth of this Company, including the implementation of ever-improving systems borne out by ISO Accreditation.”
Peter R. McArthur – PR McArthur Limited 

"Our company supplies several ranges of high value fabrics to the Decorator and Upholstery markets. These customers are very particular in terms of supply to specification and on time delivery to meet tight deadlines. Rod and his team worked very hard to meet these demands.Contract Warehousing Ltd. provides our company with a professional, cost effective and totally reliable customer service. This gives us peace of mind and freedom to focus on other aspects of our business.
"Winston Penn - Nylex (New Zealand) Ltd, Films & Fabrics Division.

"… We have been clients of Contract Warehousing Ltd for over 10 years and have had nothing but outstanding service in that time. During the time we have been with them both New House Publishers & Contract Warehousing Ltd experience significant growth. This can often be a time of friction in a contracting situation but the systems have always coped with the expansion, and if there have been any stresses and strains we have not been aware of them. They have always met or exceeded our levels of service.
David Heap – Thompson New House Publishers Ltd 

"…Contract Warehousing has handled our Denka CSA concrete additive in bulk for over twenty years. Occasionally we've had customers put us on the spot and Rod has gone out of his way to get it out the door - he'll drive the truck himself or put it in the back of the car and drive it out to the airport, if that's what it takes to make it happen." 
John Evans - Demden International Ltd 

"…It seems a long, long time ago I got CWL’s name from the yellow pages and we had our initial meeting. Your helpfulness, adaptability and advice was, and still is appreciated to this day.As a sole trader your organization allows me to travel and be absent from my office knowing that customer enquiries and orders will still be dealt with in your usual efficient manner. This service is invaluable as it lets me get on with the other problems and pressures of being in business today”
  Ken Day – Xsell International Ltd

"…Working with Contract Logistics has been one of the best decisions made by Atlantis. All of the issues that arose in managing our own warehouse and distribution disappeared instantly when we made the move. One of largest advantages of working with Contract Logistics is the calibre of their staff - nothing is a problem or too hard. We find that all the staff has a genuine determination to provide a consistently high level of customer service, and their professional manor is second to none. Our goods are of a very high quality and, at times, of a fragile nature - thanks to the warehouse staff's care, our goods arrive to our customers on time in perfect condition.The only disadvantage is that we didn't make the move to Contact Logistics earlier.
Rose Kilgannon – Atlantis Bathroom Style Ltd

"…in the past couple of years we have found your organization faultless in getting the job done professionally, and if anything you guys have become a benchmark in the way we strive to run our own operations, you can be proud of your organisation and the people working for you.”
David Axton – North Queensland Batteries Pty Ltd