Contract Warehousing

CWL & the Community

For Contract Warehousing the status of industry leader comes with a responsibility to contribute to the growth of those around us. To offer employment with a future in a vibrant and changing industry.

Promoting Education in the Workplace

As Chairman of the Distribution Cluster Group, Contract Warehousing Managing Director Rod Giles helped to create opportunities for growth and employment in Manukau City. In particular the Distribution Cluster Group worked with government, education and industry to develop and implement workplace training and qualifications that are recognised and relevant.

Contract Warehousing participated in Gateway, a work experience programme for secondary school students. Contract Warehousing uses Gateway as an opportunity to influence school leavers and to communicate the importance of setting goals and that anyone can achieve if they set their mind to it. 

Employment that Creates Opportunities for Everyone

Contract Warehousing's employment policy has given priority to both new immigrants and long-term unemployed seeking an opportunity to join the workforce. This has resulted in a stable workforce over the years with staff that have remained with the company for long periods. This in turn benefiting all parties and clients with the knowledge, experience and continuality gained.

Contract Warehousing has provided a new perspective on life to numerous people, some of which are now enjoying senior roles and successful, happy lives with Contract Warehousing and other businesses.

International Internship

Following on from being contacted by a integration organization asking if we would agree to having a intern from Europe join our organization we agreed and had the enjoyable experience of a person from  Amsterdam  join us for 5 months as a part of their logistics training requirement. It was something that all the staff enjoyed as it added to our own experiences as well. This now looking to be repeated by another from Germany in the coming year.