Contract Warehousing

Why use CWL

NEED A 3Pl or 4PL logistics provider?

We provide a service to clients that do not wish to maintain their own physical presence in the management of stock due to financial constraints, difficulty of managing staff (either due to the principle company being offshore or as a local company) or due to their expertise is in marketing or other fields.

Why be buried in stock management, plant and staff when the local knowledge and systems is obtainable at a known price and easily obtainable?
Immediate advantages of Contract Warehousing being

  • Ability to provide for an immediate start if required.
  • No capital expense.
  • Seasonal capacity and growth flexibility for the future.
  • Experience from a long serving team that, since 1978, has been providing the required services to companies from throughout the world for an extensive range of products.
  • Providing stock security, full inventory and reporting, customer support and understanding of the requirements from basic services of collection from the wharf to delivery to both business or private clients nationwide and service levels tailored to your individual requirements.