Contract Warehousing



Contract Warehousing Limited is driven by a desire to innovate and progress from the company’s commencement in 1978, before the concept was known and accepted . That desire is behind the expansion of many administrative services over the years so that we can support our clients in their growth. We encourage staff development which has resulted in long staff retention and those skills and knowledge remaining and supporting both the company and its clients.

That means we don't stand still for long. As our customers grow, we match their pace. We see our client’s growth as our own so we strive to assist them in their success. This has driven us to being able to provide an ever expanding range of supporting services both in the warehouse and in administration. 

Our outlook is flexible and positive - if it can be done, we will do it. We welcome our clients asking for assistance to meet a demand that may arise and help is required.  We provide our clients the ability  to meet discuss and develop for growth by expanding with them without capital outlay being required from the client to meet that demand, seasonal or long term.